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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We have been extremely busy with Machine Zealots during this summer, and it looks like we'll be quite productive in the next month or so as well. How about I just show you some of the highlights?

A large installation episode, fully removing the factory TBE, and installing an aftermarket TBE.

Tuning and data logging the OTS Stage 2 map with the Cobb AP.

Installation of the Grimmspeed Turbo Heat Shield.

Installation of the PTP Turbo Blanket.

A detailed episode on installing the Kartboy Short Shifter.

The upcoming episodes for this season are some of the most technical episodes we have done to date. They are super exciting for us to shoot, and we are confident that some of these installation videos have never been posted on the web before. (I could be wrong, but I did a lot of searching.)

As the car has officially entered Stage 2, I am still getting a grip on several things: Tuning, supporting mods, data logging, but mostly research, research, and more research.

I will make a more updated post on the tuning and data logging process a bit later; I am transitioning from the Cobb Accessport to Open Source tuning.

We are now collecting all the shots for each episode, and will aim to edit them when the autumn season approaches. Stay tuned!