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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cone Killers

Today, Puyang went to purchase a helmet for himself. Autocross season has officially started, and although we haven't started going yet, we are looking forward to it. Puyang will be attending his first autocross session this year! We'll be sure to document these events on video for you guys to see.

In the meantime, Apex Performance and Machine Zealots are finalizing some discussions for some aftermarket parts. I'm really looking forward to modifying the STI, and making some more sponsored videos. What parts are we receiving? We'll be revealing that when time draws near.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 Vancouver International Auto Show

Machine Zealots attended the 2013 Vancouver International Auto Show near the end of March. There were many cars, but we only found a couple that interested us. My personal favorite was the Scion FR-S drift car revealed at the very end of the video.

This video will be, dare I say, the very last video shot exclusively on the GoPro cameras. If you follow the blog or the Facebook page, you may have noticed that we recently invested in a Canon EOS 5D Mk. III DSLR camera. Hopefully, with the new camera, there will be an added layer of depth in our videos.

At this moment, we are still talking to Apex Performance on some aftermarket parts. When we get them, we will reveal them to you guys.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Arsenal Arrival

For nearly three years, Machine Zealots has been using only GoPro Cameras for our YouTube show. GoPro has been kind enough to sponsor us two cameras, which helped and will continue to help us with our videos. Although the GoPros were extremely versatile, I had found them to be limiting in several different ways. The biggest problem I had with the GoPro Camera was that it didn't have an adjustable lens. Without a manual focus lens, it lacked depth of field. If we were to continue in making quality films, I felt that a new camera would definitely benefit our production quality from here on.

Well, I finally pulled the trigger on a lot of goodies that will potentially add to our video content: Canon EOS 5D Mk. III, Rode Videomic Pro, Revo Video Shoulder Support Rig, extra batteries, memory cards, and more.

The entire film production kit is here.

The Canon DSLR mounted on the shoulder rig with video mic attached.

The camera is gorgeous and the other items are high quality stuff as well. After charging the batteries for the camera and the microphone, I took it out to the cars for a film test. I am still getting to know the camera as I'm writing this, but hopefully I'll soon have a firm grasp on working with this camera. In the meantime, take a look at the screen shots from some video experiments I played around with.

Very versatile lens: EF 24-105 f/4L IS USM.

Playing with the depth of field.

Testing some light leaks on film.

I am very excited to start working with these new tools, and I hope you guys will enjoy the videos to come!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

First episode on the Golf GTI

We have been looking forward to filming the new project car on Machine Zealots for a long time now, almost a year to be precise, and we are proud to present the first official episode featuring the 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Since it's pretty much a brand new car, Puyang is taking it slow on the modifying front. This is just a small, but fun modification to the car.

The Audi S-Line shift knob is a great addition to the GTI. The style, and colors match perfectly with the interior of the GTI. In the video we mentioned that the shift knob style is all based on personal preference. Being in an STI myself, I am biased towards any shift knob that is more ball shaped than anything else. So, I love his new shift knob!

For those of you who own a GTI and are looking into this shift knob swap, this modification isn't cheap in price. I won't say how expensive this mod was, but I will conclude that most people won't find the price worthy of the upgrade.

In summary though, Audi does make high quality stuff, but that carries on the large price tag. This modification took a bit of time figuring out, but it wasn't hard. If you aren't familiar with taking apart your car, we hope this video will help.

To the people who don't own a GTI, we hope you enjoyed this episode as well. We will make more episodes on the GTI as time goes on. In the meantime, stay tuned for upcoming videos on car shows, mods, and maintenance on both the STI and the GTI.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Thank you guys for the continual support on Machine Zealots. We reached 900 subscribers today, and we hope to see more people join as time goes by. We appreciate when you guys comment, and like our videos, it tells us how we can improve on future episodes. Yes, I do admit some of our videos may not be as successful as others, but we are glad you guys are sticking around anyway.

Below is an image from our upcoming episode where we'll have our first official DIY video on the VW Golf GTI. Hope you guys stay tuned!