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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter sucks, Camaro awesome

I haven't washed my car since my blog post about Adam's Polishes products. Needless to say, my car is filthy. Anyway, the weather here is completely crap. It's been cold, icey, and snowy, therefore the salt trucks have been super active, and my Camaro is a daily driver. Sigh.

Well, I had some free time this weekend, and I just decided to give the car a good wash. No detailing, or tire dressing, but I just had to get all that crap off of the car. Wanted to show you guys just HOW dirty my car was.

I wash my car with two different wash pads, one for the top half and the other for the bottom half. I use two buckets, with grit guards, and I change the water and soap for the top and bottom half of the car as well. The pictures above are just from the bottom half of the car. LOOK AT HOW FILTHY THAT IS! All of that dirt and grime washed off my Camaro.

Good to see the car is back to black.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuned In

Okay guys and gals, I just tuned the car. I need to work on the tune a bit more before I can give the full review. My first impressions though? I can feel the differences right away. Felt like my car lost 500 lbs off the line. Doesn't feel as heavy as it did stock, and that's a good thing.

The tune was also incredibly easy to load. Plug and play, 10 minutes, and your car is completely different. I'm not trying to up-sell the tune by exaggerating. Here's an example of what I mean. You know, there is always this stereotypical dirty/shaggy guy in highschool. Doesn't look like he showers, or shaves, or cuts his hair, or washes his clothes? Then, on prom night, he makes an effort: cuts and gels his hair, suits up, neat, clean, and sharp. Then you are like... "what the f*@K?". Then girls all start to notice him, etc. You see, he's the same guy, just presented differently... enough to 'wow' you.

Yeah, it's like that. But the Camaro was a handsome devil to start with, then it had that prom makeover... Can you see where I'm going with this?

Eitherway, no review today... just first impressions =D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is it, this is the Golden Egg

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Spades 1.0.2. Click the above picture for the full size.

Now, I've been on the quest for gold for a couple of weeks now. It just looks good on a black or white car. Most importantly, I have yet to see a Camaro with gold wheels. I MAY BE the first, when I get them of course. These are TSW Nurburgrings, painted gold for the concept. I have contacted a vendor who also does powdercoats and paints the wheels he sells as a service. He said I could make them any color I want! =O

Honestly, these wheels are great looking, and probably one of the best bang for buck wheels out there. They are averaging around $350 per wheel out in the market, and they are FORGED! Another great aspect of these wheels: they are super lightweight. I believe the stock 20" Camaro wheels are around 30-33 lbs each, whereas these Nurburgrings are only 25 lbs each. Shedding a good 5 pounds per wheel is a lot, if you add it all up. I have decided the largest wheel size I'd go would be 19", so that should shed off another couple of pounds. =D Eitherway, if I made you guys excited, I'm sorry... these wheels won't be on this car for at least another year lol. Heck, I'm teasing MYSELF by making these awesome concept images =(.

In other news, my tune is here. Yes, the mods are piling up, but for now, that's it. All packages have been delivered to my door. I might tune my car this weekend though. So stay tuned for the full story and review!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Project Concept

Stock Camaro image from Tire Rack. Luckily, they are using the V6. Obviously, there are some differences compared to my stock car, but it works.

My ideal finished project car in my mind so far. I think gold wheels might be the way to go on this car. Can't really decide. Black, Gunmetal, Bronze, I just don't know.

Eitherway, I have most of the mods already done on this car. I have the Front Splitter, Logo Blackout, and Light Blackouts already applied. I have the Caliper Paints, Rotors, Grand Sport Stripes, in my house and ready to go. All I'm missing now is the Rear Spoiler, Window tints, Wheels, and Coilovers for lowering.

UPDATED: These are O.Z. Racing wheels, but sadly, they don't come with the right lug nut specs. I would prefer this style of wheel over the previous one though. Too bad =(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

DIY: Dye Stitch your interior

This mod is probably one of the cheapest mods out there, it is also one of the easiest DIY I can think of... I mean, it's easier than washing your car lol. Anyway, let's get right down to the good stuff first.

Okay, I know that video was a bit long, but I felt like I haven't posted a video in so long, so I wanted to make it a really fun editing project as well. Now if you ask my honest opinion, I don't think the red stitching is BETTER than the white, but it's a different flavor. For those of you who are bored, and want a cheap way to change the mood/look, you can consider this mod. However, keep in mind that this is permanent, so if you are going to do it, do it right, and do it well. Let's go through some details of the process now.
I bought the FabricMate Fabric Dye Marker. This costs around $2.99 per marker if you can find it locally. The reason I went with red is because red has always been a dominant color for sports cars. As cliché as red is, it is also a timeless sporty color. Plus, you know, I've been adding red to everything!

Pictures of the stock shifter and steering wheel. Boy, I might miss them later on. If you are at this point, this is your very last chance of turning back. I mean, the white doesn't look bad. However, white stitching has a HUGE flaw: over time, your hands will begin to turn the white stitching yellow! So before you do this, properly clean your steering wheel and shift knob with a damp cloth mixed with soap and water. After this step, it is advised that you also apply leather cleaner and protectant. This makes it easier to remove the dye off the leather.

You may see some other people dye stitch their leather seats, arm rests, and other various things, but let me tell you now, those are easy compared to the steering wheel and shift knob. For the shift knob, I had to start the car, and put it into S mode, in order to dye the stitching closest to engine. I could have taken off the shift knob, but I was lazy. The steering wheel is a pain as well if you don't take off the steering wheel. You have to really find weird angles to attack at it. I strongly advise you turn your steering wheel to fit your angles and needs. Needless to say, I had a sore back after I did this mod, but I think it was worth it.

Other than that, I think the results really speak for themselves. Also, make sure your fabric dye marker is permanent. Mine says permanent after 24 hours. If your car is a daily driver, make sure you do this on the weekends. I don't want you guys to mess up your work while driving with wet dye =/

Overall, it was a fun mod to do. As mentioned in a video, it took me about an hour to do all of it. I had to actually split it into two days of work, because I was called away halfway through this project. I had the car stereo on, playing some music while I was working. It really felt like a day of kindergarten, coloring, music, and fun.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teasers and Updates

Okay guys, things are beginning to pick up. It is mid February now, and the weather is getting a little better each day. I have some teasers for you guys today. Got many shipments delivered to my door the past week, and here are some of them:
Can you see the difference? If you can't don't worry, there will be a full post on this one =D

Yes... now you are getting the picture...

WHAT? Performance Brakes?! =O

Sneak peak...

Usually I don't review products until after they have been installed. That way I can make sure I don't miss any aspects. However, since I have so many mods coming in at the same time, please forgive me if I spit out a comment or two on the products. Don't take my accidental comments at face value, wait for the full review! Also, to keep you guys up to date, my tune has shipped, and is on its way here as we speak. Before I tune the car, I need to do another 0-60 run, for a good comparison of the car tuned and un-tuned.

Due to many people complaining on youtube that the Dashhawk wasn't accurate at reading 0-60 times. I will be doing another 0-60 with the Dashhawk running side by side with this iPhone App called "Dynolicious". It is an accelerometer based application. Before you all say, "That isn't accurate either!", I would like you to search up Dynolicious on youtube, and see for yourself how good it is. Eitherway, if the numbers on the two devices are similar, then the Dashhawk is accurate. However, if the Dashhawk is pulling a faster time than the iPhone App, I will withdraw my current 0-60 standing at 5.42 seconds and change it to whatever the iPhone reads. My 5.42 was with just the Injen CAI installed, no Corsa's Catback Exhaust yet. The stock car pulled 5.44 seconds, so I'm hoping the new run will be a bit quicker again.

I've gotten the fender Grand Sport stripes here as well, which I have not yet applied. Still have to wash my car before I apply it. Only two major mods left for this year you guys, tints and spoiler.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Way to go!

Okay, I had to post this. This video has been shared non-stop around the Camaro forums. Frankly, I have to say, YOU ROCK SIR! I don't know WHO you are, or what you have running under that hood of yours, but if you see this, post a comment man!

Eitherway, this is a priceless video. I just wish the camera man was better at aiming the camera lol. The Challenger had no idea what he was up against. Anyway, to the driver, way to show what the V6 can do ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fillers, fillers and more fillers

Guys, most of my mods for this year are already in my possession. The weather has not been stable enough for me to get my hands on it though. As of now, the Grand Sport Stripes are here, my fabric dye marker for dying my stitching is in delivery, a large shipment of new brake rotors, pads, and caliper paints are also being delivered to me via UPS.

If the list doesn't expand, I only have three more mods for the projected year: Tune from Trifecta, MPD1 Rear Spoiler, and Window tints, which I'll have to call around for quotes.

I plan to start modding around mid March, or April. I am psyched, but the amount of stuff I have to do, kind of overwhelms me. I also have to do another engine oil change, and my first transmission and differential fluid change. On top of that, I have to re-apply my blackout kit after a good car wash, and another waxing job.

Well, hopefully I can at least get all of this done for the year. My work and schedules have been much busier than last year, so I definately won't have as much time as I did last year lol.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old news, but young at heart

This was an old clip, but I thought it was a very inspiring video lol. Hope I can be like that when I'm that old.