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Monday, April 25, 2011

Shaving off milliseconds - 0-60MPH Test

Alrighty, some of you guys have been waiting for this. I know I have. It's been pretty much a year since I've last done a 0-60 run. A fast re-cap:

Bone Stock - 5.44 Seconds
With Injen CAI - 5.42 Seconds
Injen CAI, Corsa Catback, and Trifecta Tune - 5.22 Seconds

However, most would argue the Dashhawk is not accurate. You are probably jealous >=D. Okay, let's be real here, let's say the Dashhawk isn't accurate, but you can still see the improvements. Each and every mod has shaved off an X number of milliseconds. Beyond that, they are pretty accurate milliseconds I would honestly say.

Someone have a horse power calculator? There are websites out there that calculate your car's overall weight, with the speed and time you made a 1/4 mile or 0-60MPH, and give you the result of your RWHP, or BHP. Someone find it, and post in the comments or on facebook please =D. I would like an estimate of the HP without having to pay for the dyno right now lol.

Anyway, lets talk technical stuff right now. My first bone stock run was driven on June 25th, 2010, at around 61 degrees, if my mind serves me correctly. Where as this newest run was ran on April 24th, 2011 in the morning at 55 degrees. If my knowledge is correct, then the colder air is denser, giving more air molecules per cylinder, which means higher octane needed, and could result in more power. HOWEVER, on June 25th I was running 94 octane, and April 24th I was only running 87 octane. I'm too cheap to fill high octane right now, especially with the gas prices so high lol.

Therefore, we are lead to conclude more power could have been had for this newest run. Let's list out the other factors here. I DON'T have any after market headers at this moment and I still have both pairs of cats, so I already have crappier airflow than some of the other guys. I am running stock 1LT 18" wheels and BFGoodrich all season tires, meaning crappy grip. I weigh around 140 lbs right now, 5 lbs heavier than last year. Don't overlook each pound, with our car's Power to Weight Ratio, every 16 lbs you shed, you gain an equivalent of 1 HP. My goal before I go forced induction? 5 seconds flat, so another 0.2 seconds shaved off.

My options? Weight loss, both my car and I - lol, more power, more grip, lower center of gravity. This is where the next couple of months/years will come into play. I am currently doing research on wheels right now. TSW Nurburing are rotary forged wheels, meaning they are light and cheap in price! With some new rubbers, and hopefully no bigger than the current wheel diameter, we will gain the speed needed from three angles: Better grip, lighter unsprung weight, and a better final drive ratio!

HOPEFULLY, that is enough to shave off those milliseconds. If not, I am planning on buying RX's new Throttle Body, and perhaps some Doug Thorley Headers. However, wheels come first, then suspension.

This is pretty nerdy, and pretty exciting. I can't wait to see this car change even more.

I am planning on racing this car. Drag, AutoX, and Track Days


  1. there are much better options for power than weight savings!

  2. showed this to you before already:
    although you are asking for weight etc to be factored it. this one doesnt ;p



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