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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ironmen Show & Shine hosted at Willingdon Church

This is the third official episode to air for Season 4. We mentioned this car show back in the summer of 2014, the 5th Annual Ironmen Show & Shine. We had the opportunity of volunteering as the primary photographers at the show, so we also took the time to plan a video for this event.
While both Puyang and I are usually around the tuner scene, we did enjoy some of these American classics featured in the video. What was most amazing to me was how these men and women are so attached to their cars. They made every chrome piece as shiny as possible, and the conditions of the cars are just spectacular. Truly living up to the name of "Show & Shine".
Now I'm inspired to give my car a nice good detailing.
Since admission to the car show is free, perhaps one day our cars may join in the fun too. Just saying.

(Oh, in case anyone asks about the firetruck at the beginning of the episode: No one was hurt during the making of the video. It was a live demonstration of how local fire fighters would save a life from a devastating car crash! Thank God for men like these!)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Disabling the DRLs on the STI

I've been meaning to do this modification for a while now. If you are like me, and you hate seeing your daytime running lamps (DRL) turned on during the day, which are also your expensive HID headlamps, then you have got to take this important 10-15 minutes to disable them.

I'm sure if you own an STI, or WRX, or pretty much any Subaru, you have disabled your DRLs already. However, in case you have never done so, here is the video. I almost found it pointless to make a video on this, because it's so straightforward, but I can't stop myself from making videos on the STI; I'm sure you can understand why.

This is the second episode of Season 4 to air this year. Though we may be starting off slow, the episodes only get better from here on out!

Hope you enjoy the video, and hope it comes in handy to anyone who needs it. Stay tuned for more.