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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Impact of the year

It has been quite a while since I have made any post here on the blog. Of course, our YouTube channel has been even more inactive. There are already some episodes completed and ready for upload. As I have promised, I planned to have the episodes aired near the end of the year, so that episodes can run all the way to late spring and summer. That way we can concentrate on making content during the seasons of nice weather, and concentrate our efforts on editing and processing the episodes during the rainy autumn season.

I apologize for any of you guys waiting for our videos but have not heard from us. I will make a short vlog to explain what I have explained here as well. However, subscribers are still flowing in faster than people unsubscribing, so I thank those who have subscribed to us, and thank those who have remained patient. I know you guys will love the new season, it is our biggest season to date.

On a personal note, why we haven't been able to get out episodes sooner is because of changes in life: Settling down, buying a home, and focusing on work is no small matter. In fact, I am thankful that my future wife actually encourages us to keep Machine Zealots going. More on this later.

I had recently invested in an impact wrench, impact sockets, and some torque sticks. I was getting tired of changing my wheels by hand, and since these tools were on sale, I thought it would be wise to invest in them.

The impact wrench is a heavy duty cordless wrench running on 20V lithium ion batteries. Featuring a 1/2" square drive, with a friction ring system that securely hold sockets and adaptors in place. It packs up to 145 ft-lbs of beastly torque and has a maximum speed of 2700 RPM. It's equipped with a small LED work light for those late nights in the garage, or for darker working areas.

It definitely sped up my summer to winter wheel swap. I think I spent only five minutes per wheel; from lifting up the wheel, removing, cleaning any rust, installing the new wheel, tightening, then torquing down.

The torque sticks were probably the most expensive out of the three, relatively speaking. Though I was hesitating whether to buy them, I ended up getting them, and I didn't regret it. For the first wheel, I had to use my torque wrench to test the accuracy of these torque sticks. After getting used to the torque sticks, I realized that they do the job very well! Perfect job every time.

I'm very happy with this investment, and I know I will put them to good use on other things as well.

That's it for now! I will update you guys later.