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Machine Zealots consists of people who love working on cars, electronics, and film making. We love creating video content, taking photos, and writing blog articles on automotive things. We have full time jobs, so Machine Zealots is more of a hobby than anything else. Even though we have wonderful friends who support us, Machine Zealots does not make any profit.

If you like what we do and like our show, please continue to stick around as we love getting to know you. If you would like to support us financially, please feel free to donate any amount, or pick up a t-shirt at our online store. Of course, there is absolutely no obligation what so ever and we will continue to bring you more videos as we have a sincere passion in film making and cars.

If you do plan on helping us, please let us know, as we would like to personally thank you for your contribution. I hope you'll enjoy the videos and content to come!

Jagan & The Machine Zealots Team

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