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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I guess this is goodbye

Hey guys, Jagan here... I just wanted to let you guys know something, I've really enjoyed getting to know you guys. And for those of you who've followed me silently through the months, I also appreciate your support.
It pains me to say this, but SpadesV6 will no longer be continuing. I had big plans for the Camaro, and SpadesV6 as a whole, but I will no longer be a Camaro owner in a couple weeks to a months time.


Things changed for me. My life is a major part, but mostly the little things. It will take too long to say all of this, so I will get to the bullet points for those of you who aren't judging me already. The Camaro is by far one of the best looking cars on the road today, hands down. It has the best bang for buck, and it really turns some heads. The V6 offers a great deal of power, and the V8 just offers an insane amount. My first car, as I've mentioned on my first post back in July 2010, was a 2008 Nissan Versa hatchback. As you can imagine, the V6 Camaro was more than enough car for me in comparison. However, the sex appeal of the Camaro overtime became sort of stale to me. This is around the time when you guys started to follow me.

You will notice my videos, and my approach to running SpadesV6 had a dramatic change when I noticed there were followers. In all honesty, you guys and gals were the ones that kept me going. When I said it in the other posts, I meant it with every word. Without you guys supporting, I couldn't have gone on for so long.

Bullet points:

First off, I will be blunt here and say I was hoping SpadesV6 could have made some money. Thus trying to start the merchandise store =p. That...uh, did not work, lol. However, that was only sort of the thing that made me snap to my current decision, but it is not the root reason why I'm leaving the Camaro.

Secondly, if you think I live off and mod my car with money from my parents, think again. I am not young, I may look young, but I am making my own money in this world. So SPANK you for thinking that! >=( In the real world, it isn't really financially smart to keep this car going as I have two mortgages to pay off. I just work from home, so you guys will think I have absolutely NO life. lol. It is the reason why I could run the blog and social networks so frequently.

And Third, okay I lied when I said it's not financially smart. I'm not leaving the Camaro because I have no money. The reason is, the sex appeal has faded, and it's not enough car for me anymore, modding wise. I'm trading the Camaro in, and starting a new project from scratch.

There you go guys, the three big reasons... there are more, but that should be enough to explain my actions.

For those of you who have been following me because I was useful with Camaro information, don't worry, I plan on keeping all the information online for you guys so you can continue to access the information.

For those of you who have been following me because I was COOL! >=D Then great, I hope you guys check out my new project to come. I've gotten to know some of you better than others, but to everyone, I want to say thank you.

Questions You might ask:

Why are you trading in your Camaro?
Not enough car for me anymore.

Why not get an SS?
I want something a bit different, a forced induction car from scratch.

Why not just slap on some Twin Turbos on the V6?
Pointless to pursue, as I also want to drive a Manual car now.

Why not just get an LS3, power and stick?
The car isn't like a boosted car.

Are you out of your mind?
In general, yes. But you should've known since the day you've started following. =D


  1. This sux man. I was one of the "silent followers" and i must say u did a pretty good job after all.
    Good luck to you on your new project.

    Btw WHAT will be your new project?

  2. Hopefully, the new project car will be here in a month at the very latest. =p I don't want to reveal too much incase things don't work out lol.

  3. I feel you bro, Im going through that phase now and was considering one of my choices before getting the v6 camaro, going for a g37 I'm currently talking to my local dealer as of the moment good luck with your new car!

  4. Interesting! Yeah, apparently some people just move on... It's all personal preference. Some upgrade to the SS, some just ditch the Camaro completely. It is sad, but life is sad.

    Thank you for your kind words!

  5. Aww man. I don't know what to say.... Just kidding, Rock on man! I've got nothing against you for ditching the camaro, we all want a change now and then, yours came in the form of a new ride. Good luck with the new ride and driving stick, I'm not sure if you've driven stick before but its a breeze, it become second nature soon enough.

    I'm sure I'll keep up with your new project as well, I'm not just a camaro freak I'm a fan of cars, modding, and good stories in general. Anyways , good luck with the new project.

    Also, I've got two questions: how the-holy-hell old are you? (I'm 24) And, does this mean the shirt I ordered 2 days ago is now limited edition? ;P

  6. Hey man, you were one of my most constant followers, even when you didn't comment on things, I knew you were reading every post, watching every video. It was really inspiring for me. So thank you.

    Also, yes please do follow the new project, that would be awesome. I already know the new project will be a LOT more exciting. When I reveal the car, you will know it as well.

    To answer your questions... I am older than you, that's all I have to say. lol >=D. But I can tell you I've been Blessed and gotten very accomplished in a very short amount of time. (I work for hollywood movies).

    OMG, YOU ordered the shirt? LOL. I saw someone order something... you know you are the only one to order from me? shit dude, I dont know how to thank u. YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME lol. Those shirts will still be for sale, but I doubt anyone will buy them now. So yes, they are considered Limited Edition LOL.

  7. Man, Damn I just started folling your threads, I like them very much. Just hate you've gone to something else. I'll miss you.

    Thanks for all the great post.


  8. Thanks Spyderbuddy. I will leave all this info available for any Camaro guys. I'll always have a special place in my heart for you guys, and the Camaro. Be sure to use this info as much as possible!


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