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Saturday, December 11, 2010

RevXtreme Oil Catch Can

Felt like forever, but I finally installed the RX Oil Catch Can today, and I have to say, it looks super sexy. As per usual, I always follow up my installations with a review and experience I had with the install, so let's get right to it.

My reviews, usually consist of three major factors: The product itself, the provided instructions, and the customer service. First off, the customer service was fantastic. Although the vendor forgot to give me some parts of my kit, he took the responsibility of shipping the rest of the parts from his own wallet. You might think, "Oh big deal, that's how you are supposed to run a business", but let me tell you, some vendors just take your money and leave; Injen is one of those companies, but that's another story.

The RX Oil Catch Can kit comes with the catch can itself, a couple feet of hosing, zipties, and brackets and bolts for you to hold the catch can in place. You can also order the catch can with the color of your choice. I chose victory red, because my engine cover has been painted that way. Visually, the catch can looks as good as it can get, and the paint job is top notch. As for how the product functions, I can not give a full review, because I have not driven the car enough to see how much oil it can actually catch. All I have to say right now is, the catch can has got some good word of mouth, so I'm pretty sure it will do its job. However, because I try to review as accurate as possible, I will save the function part for later on.

The instruction manual was okay. I think the manual could have used a bit more detail, and maybe a few more pictures. However, because the catch can isn't a very hard thing to install in the first place, I think I got by okay.

Well, let's get right into the install process. Before I begin however, I have to say, I am basing my install on the experience of V6 John or Scrming to most people. He had began the install by checking the intake manifold and throttle body for signs of oil. I did the same as well.
Throttle body off.
Proof of oil and carbon build up at the back of throttle body. Nasty!
As you can see there is oil, though pretty clean oil, in the intake manifold. This proves that the stock setup is ingesting oil into our engine. Not good!
Oils going into the engine this way causes engine damage over time, and possibly loss of power.
Now onto the catch can install. Secure the catch can in place with the supplied bracket.
Locate the PCV hose connecting from the crankcase to the intake manifold.
Cut original PCV hosing in order to re-route the new path into the catch can.
Take a minute to admire the catch can, while you drink a can of beer.
Make sure all of your brackets, hoses, zipties and everything else are securely fastened. You can now place your engine cover back on. Presto, you are done!

As you can see, there really isn't much to this install. It took me around 20 minutes to get the catch can itself fully installed. Took around 10 minutes to remove and clean the throttle body and intake manifold, and just around another 10 minutes for setup and clean up. Therefore, this project can be easily done within an hour. However, I will admit something, I cut myself during the install, lol. I'm typing this entry right now with a screwed up middle finger. How? I cut myself when I was trying to cut some of the hoses down to size. Yeah I know, stupid right? But what is a man without some cuts and bruises, hmm? ;)

Super special thanks to Tracy, the vendor of this fantastic product, who has also helped me out while my car was in the snow accident. You are a real trooper, I really appreciate it! Also, special treat for people thinking of buying this product, Tracy has been in the racing industry for years. So yes, I trust him with this product, and any other products he offers.
Here are some articles about him and his team:

Also, another special thanks to Scrming, for being the first to install and review the RX Oil Catch Can, made my job a whole lot easier.


  1. Awesome review man, I'm sure I'll be using this when I do my install. My Camaro is hanging out under a cover for now but once spring rolls around this will be one of my first non-cosmetic mods. Thanks Again

  2. Thanks for the comment Jade =) This mod is more than just a visual mod, it will prevent oil from entering your intake manifold, so two things come out of it, more Power, and less damage to the engine.

    But yes, it does make your engine bay a whole lot nicer!

  3. My question is what happens to the existing connections that the motor had prior? In example
    Locate the PCV hose connecting from the crankcase to the intake manifold. * This now takes the connection from the top of the intake to the can. What happens to that line with protective sleeve on it?
    I'm just not sure where or what to do with those existing lines.

  4. You only cut enough so you can slip on the new hosing. The protective sleeve won't be used anymore, toss that away. The RX Catchcan comes with everything you need to do the mod. You'd just have to remove some stock items =D

  5. I have to say i love your whole site here! and this is a great post i just bought my V6 a few months ago and this oil problem is a big concern to me i tried finding where to this this oil catch can but cant seem to find it can you toss me a bone?

  6. Sure brother, Check in our Sponsors and Affiliates Page. Click on REV XTREME, and give him a Shout! His name is Tracy, and he will set you up from there ;)

  7. Awesome yo, Barney style instruction!! Def helped out big time. That's the way it should be.


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