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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Importfest 2014 The Movie! Not really

This is just another Machine Zealots 'field trip'. A couple of months ago, we posted on the details of going to this car show. Not much to say in addition to what you see in the video. There was lots of loud music, people taking photographs, and beautiful cars.

One of the highlights to this show was getting some of the free gifts available. Another interesting bit was the test drive of the Scion FR-S. We lined up for a really long time to drive the car. 'Why not just test drive at a dealership' you ask? Well, I never had the time, nor the extreme eagerness to do so. I test drove the car because I was curious, but mainly for the gifts that were given to anyone who participated in the test drive. (It was worth it.)

The FR-S isn't bad to drive. However, I won't be selling my STI anytime soon for an FR-S though...

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