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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holy Sub-Zero Icicles Batman!

If you live in a warm winter climate, you have no idea how lucky you are right now. I am freezing here, and apparently so is my car.
Now incase you were wondering how on earth icicles formed on my car, I should tell you before hand that I was bored and stupid. It was just one of those days where you had nothing better to do than to make your car into a human... uh automotive, popsicle. My car was covered in a thin layer of snow from a few days ago. Since then, it hasn't snowed, but the temperatures were even colder. This made the snow that was contacting the car form into ice. Instead of scratching and peeling off the ice off the car, which may have caused damage obviously, I thought it would be a good idea to pour water over it to induce faster melting. UH OH LOL. Yeah, obviously I made my car into an ice cube. However, as dumb as my actions may be, this was actually a miraculous experiment. I have never seen water freeze before my eyes. Have you? I literally poured water over the car, and it froze while the water was trickling down. Here are more pictures so you can see what I mean.

Looks cool right? It's like the Camaro is now an ice sculpture. I know some of you may be pissed off at me right now for "toying" with my car. Believe me, when spring comes, I'll give it another good detailing job. I do not believe that ice will hurt the finish of the car, as long as I don't go prying and breaking off pieces of ice. However, in the process of this experiment, I also realized how easy it was to make black ice. The water that did successfully make it down to the pavement, were also frozen solid. Making huge areas of black ice. This made me want to pour water all over the pavement, and make a fully iced pavement. This would be mostly for traction control testing, and how the Camaro handles on ice.

I will say this though, I hope the weather gets warm soon, otherwise defrosting this will be a PITA.

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