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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Camaro is back

Felt like forever, but after a week, the Camaro is back. The full price for the repair was pretty brutal. I ended up paying $1900 for parts and labor. However, I got $300 off for the parts, because the parts guy gave me a slash on the prices, thanks Tom! The service consultant that worked on my car was very nice to me as well. I guess this is why you pay the big bucks at the dealers.

On the way to work, people were still turning heads at my car, nice to see that the Camaro hasn't lost its touch. However, I think it's also because I, and a rare few other people are the only ones who drive the Camaro for the full year.

Well, I have plans for this weekend to install the RX Oil Catch Can. FINALLY.

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