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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bridgestone Potenza RE070

After many teasers, the episode is finally out! There is one thing I should say before I go on, whether you like the video or not, this was by far one of the biggest productions we've ever had to squeeze out in two weeks. If you don't like the video, appreciating our effort is just as important. And we move on.

This episode was actually inspired from one of our very own YouTube subscribers. The gentleman had complimented on how he enjoyed the videos, and was wondering if we could make a video about summer tires versus winter tires, since summer was approaching. It had actually been something I wanted to do since I have bought the STI. Not exactly about the Bridgestone Potenza RE070s specifically, but more of a general overview of all the bits and pieces that was included in an STI. Although this video isn't exactly about winter versus summer tires, nor an actual test of the tires on a skid pad, I hope this video still brings something to the table.

This hawkeye STI seemed to have been locked down for a very long time. Infact the last time you guys saw the car actually being driven in a video was back in Season 1, on the Dunlop Winter tires episode. Which was at least half a year ago! I really just wanted to make this into a dynamic film. I will honestly say, this video was sort of inspired by Initial D, the Anime. lol.

If you have not been fortunate enough to use these tires, you may not believe how good these tires are. However, if you search anywhere online, and talk to people who have used these tires, you will hear the same thing I will tell you. It is incredible on hot and dry tarmac, but the tires will become nothing after two sessions at the track. The tread life for these tires are a joke to some people. However, the grip that results is worth it in my opinion. When I had just started to research cars, one of my wisest friends told me, "Tires are the most important thing on a car, it is the only thing that touches the pavement."

This is indeed true, but it's sort of interesting how some people fail to realize it. I've seen people spend thousands of dollars on top tier suspension, brakes, and power upgrades, just so they can be faster. However, when it comes to their choice of tires, they choose mid level, or "bang for buck" tires. Of course, I understand that tires can get used up rather quickly, and changing tires all the time isn't cheap, but I think if you want to make all of those thousands of dollars worth it, you at least have to have a set of extremely good tires.

You readers and viewers actually have a rare opportunity to see the growth of this car. This car was bought in June 2011, with only 15000 miles and it was fully stock. The car does not have suspension upgrades, and does not have adjusted camber settings. A few months ago, I wrote about how Puyang and I were almost in a car accident. I had managed to swerve out of the way, because of these Bridgestone Potenza RE070 Extreme Performance Summer Tires. The speed for the upcoming impact was so fast, that when I swerved, all four of these extremely sticky tires were squealing. If it had not been for these tires, I am 90% sure that the STI would have been totaled, and that Puyang and I could have been seriously hurt. Do not take tires for granted, out of all the upgrades you can spend on, tires will be the one thing that could make or break your vehicle.

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