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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The road ahead

It has been a while since we have uploaded any new content, but we are eager to bring another year of content when 2013 hits. We have done a little bit of production remodeling at this time, as well as come up with plans and episode ideas for the next season.

Although admittedly, the first couple of Season 3 episodes we are working on right now may not be as exciting as you might expect. However, we are still hoping you understand that bi-weekly videos with a limited budget can only be as entertaining as it can be. Nevertheless, we are always dedicated in making quality videos.

Hopefully, our budget limitations will find a way to not limit our creative capacities.

In other news, Puyang and I are going to go to Taiwan again this Christmas. Meeting up with some people, and hopefully some nice automotive content can be collected while we are there. (Fingers Crossed)

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