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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Merry Christmas Indeed

Almost 700 subscribers, and 100k video views!

I apologize in advance for the lack of news and updates this time in the season. The fact is, there are a lot of personal life changes happening right now. Without getting too much into it, I'd like to keep this post mainly on Machine Zealots' news.

The channel finally hit 100k combined video views, and both views and subscribers are still slowly increasing. Thank You for sticking around even though there hasn't been any new content for the past couple of months.

Well, the snow has finally hit us here locally, just in time for Christmas! Personally, I don't like snow, because it causes so many traffic problems, and salted roads are nasty too. However, sitting at the front door, looking out at the snow fall, it is quite beautiful.

And before you think I didn't take this opportunity to drive around in the STI, I did.

After driving around the in snow for about 40 minutes, I came to some new findings. Like everyone will tell you, AWD doesn't make you invincible. In fact, with the Dunlop winters tires coupled with the AWD system still made the car very tail happy. That's right! Tail happy! I was surprised as well. The DCCD was set to auto the entire time, but there was this one turn where my car almost spun out, I counter steered and corrected the car twice, left and right, then proceeded up the hill. It sort of surprised me, and thank God that I didn't just crash into someone or something. Maybe some video game simulation training and the autocross sessions during the summer also kicked in some reflexes, but it was still very risky. And yes, I drove slightly too fast for that turn.

If you want to play around in the snow, please be careful.

Puyang and I will be visiting Taiwan for two weeks from December 26th. When we come back, we'll get Machine Zealots up and running again. (After we recover from jet lag =P)

So eat, drink, party, love your family and friends. Be safe, and drive safe, I would like to hear from everyone after the holidays!

God Bless, and enjoy your holidays!

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