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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Swift and Silent

YouTube sure works very fast, especially when it has something to do with copyright claims. In the previous post, I mentioned that someone took one of our videos without permission from us, and used it as his/her own. Here are some screenshots of what had unfolded:

Not much else needs to be said, it's pretty clear what had happened. All I had really wanted, was the video to be taken down, but apparently it was enough to shut down the entire channel. Puyang told me that I should have contacted the channel owner first, instead of YouTube.

I feel guilty. And I'm actually sorry. If you are reading this, the owner of flat4online, we didn't mean for YouTube to take down your entire channel and we are sorry to see this happen. Hopefully your future endeavors will prosper.

I hope that anyone who wants or has created a YouTube channel will be diligent, and hard working, and not to steal content from other hard working members online.

This case is closed.

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