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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Injen Intake on the MKVI GTI

As we had mentioned in some of our earlier posts, the Golf GTI is sharing a much larger portion of screen time in this season. This was one of our biggest mods on the GTI, and it actually took longer to install than we had originally expected. Not because it was difficult, but because we ran into some "technical difficulties".

Well, not really technical difficulties, it's just that we broke a hack saw in the process. [Pause for effect] If you feel that cutting some intake piping is a bit intimidating, don't worry. Honestly, pretty much any cutting tool with some teeth will eat right through the intake piping. Though I would suggest cutting tools rated for metal cutting, unless you don't mind shortening the lifespan of your blade. I think power tools are the way to go though, but at the time, we couldn't afford any. This is what it means to be modding in your own garage, taking whatever you have and making it work!

As far as a bolt-on goes, this was a pretty straightforward installation. If you are going to be doing this as a first time thing, then expect to spend two to three hours on it. If you are a veteran, it would probably take you thirty minutes or so. Again, we took longer because of our broken saw, and also because we had to film each step.

We would like to thank our sponsor, Apex Performance, for their help on this episode. Modding can get expensive, but we can work on our cars a lot more often with their help. Be sure to check them out, let them know Machine Zealots sent you, and I'm sure they would take care of you!

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