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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Music for the soul

I recently purchased a new album from the iTunes store, The Sea Brings Rivalry. It's a collection of some very nice electronic genre music, makes for very good driving music. Some of the singles are featured on the hit show Mighty Car Mods. For those who don't know about the show, it is really just a show for car lovers and modders, hosted by our two mad turbo-charged Australian friends Marty and Moog. Be sure to check out their show if you haven't already, lots of various things you'll learn from them.

The album is made by the above mentioned Moog. It's always nice to see people with many talents. As for the album itself, I can't really be one to judge whether it's good or bad, I'm not really an audiophile. However, I do know good music when I hear it. Like most albums, there are some really great tracks, and some that are just 'okay'. The meat of this album is really just a couple of songs. "Overdrive" and "Sew It Seams" are my two favorite tracks. I find myself enjoying this music mostly at night, driving in the city or on the highway with very free flow traffic. Overall, the album is nice on the ears, nice beats, good melodies, and excellent vocals. The only criticism I have for this album is that there are too many repeats and remixes of the same track. It felt like the artist was just trying to fill up the album.

I recommend you guys to purchase some of the songs, definately hear the previews if you are really strapped on cash. In the end though, the album is only $9.90 in total, $0.99 per track, great deal! I purchased the full album because I like the music, but mostly because I want to hear more original songs in the future.

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