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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome ladies!

I had come to a conclusion lately, the Ford Mustang has held the crown for too long. So long infact that almost 40% of the Mustangs I have seen on the road are driven by women. Now please do not get me wrong, I do NOT think there is a problem with a woman driving a muscle car. I just find men in general picking up muscle cars before women do.

I don't think the Camaro has made quite a return like this since the Iroc-Z. You can actually see the 2010 Camaro line-up actually stirring up the competition. The 2010 Camaro was released with a V8 version that has a large LS3 engine putting out 426HP at the crank, and the slimmer lighter V6 version isn't too shabby either. When Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet released the big three in 2009, it was clear that Chevy had done good.

Not to bash on any of the cars above. I've been in all three, so eventhough I bought the Camaro, don't think I am at all biased. Okay maybe a bit. The Challenger had the most masculine look out of the three. Classic enthusiasts would love to have the Challenger. Although the interior isn't impressive, it still retains most of its heritage. The power isn't too bad, but with its heavy weight, huge size, and non-aerodynamic lines, it really makes this car just a nice cruiser. The Mustang is the lightest of the three, and it also has the best interior design of the three in my honest opinion. But sadly, the 2010 Mustang line up was extremely poor. Their V8 version had just as much power as the 2010 V6 Camaro, and their V6 counterpart was only producing a shockingly low 210 HP. They released their 2011 cars with upgraded power as soon as they could. Technically, the 2011 Mustangs are competing with the 2010 competitors. Good job Ford (insert sarcastic slow clap here).

I guess Ford had to up their game if they wanted to keep up. Nothing healthier than a little compitition eh?

Well, I guess I've diverged from my original point: Women used to go to Mustang if they wanted straight line power. Now? I see Camaros being driven by lots of women. Actually suprised me that it caught on so fast. But if there are any ladies reading this, GOOD CHOICE! The Camaro is a handsome car, delivers tons of power, cheap to buy, and it comes with a better warranty than Ford and Dodge!

In my honest opinion though, all three cars deserve a round of applause, and for the men and women who drive them, cheers!

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