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Monday, January 24, 2011

Options for Forced Induction

Supercharger and Turbocharger kits were available for the 2010 Camaro SS before the Camaros were even for sale. Companies spent lots of money and time for R&D for this new beast that was to be released the summer of 2009. However, all efforts were put into the Camaro SS, because it was the V8, and the only car that would have been taken 'seriously'.

For a year now, the Camaro V6 owners, me included, have begged and pleaded companies to develop FI options for their cars. The first FI option that was made to the market was developed by STS. I didn't look into that option because it was a single turbo, and I either wanted a twin turbo (would make more sense for a V6 anyway) or a supercharger. Yes, superchargers wouldn't pump out the same power as the turbos, but I've always liked supercharged cars a bit more than turbos. Well, with no sign of a supercharged V6 insight, I kind of gave up that option. So the options looked bleak.

However, a new breakthrough has come to pass, and I was given early info from our man Tracy. Yep, the guy who I keep talking about, and buying stuff from lol. Apparently, he and another Camaro5 forum member have been working together to develop a twin turbo'd V6 Camaro. Here is the thread that Tracy started:

It looks very promising, and most of the modding V6 community are waiting on it. I know I am. That will be my long term goal... I'll be saving up for this baby. I'm drooling already. Can you dig it? ;)

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