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Friday, January 21, 2011

Plans unfolding

Okay, to start off, I finally got the small mod I was talking about a couple weeks ago. I will post a product review and install over the weekend. As of now, I have found out my financial position is pretty well controlled, which means mods for this year are on their way for sure.

For now, I have these mods in order planned: Le Mans Stripes (previous post), Trifecta Tune, Caliper Paints, MPD1 Spoiler, and Window Tints just around summer time. Those are the mods I plan for this year. Last year was a big year, since the car was new, and this was the first car I had modded. I got a little too happy with my credit card. As of now, the projected total costs for all the listed mods would come to around $1500. Last year was far worse, but then again, I'm trying to control and pace myself now.

Like I have said before, suspension mods will be later, because I want to enjoy the stock suspension for a bit longer. I had highly considered getting new wheels and tires for the summer, but turns out, it was way too much of an investment for now. So that will be pushed back as well.

As of the paddle shifters I have mentioned, they may be coming to me somewhere near March.

One thing's for sure though, mods just never stop. My list goes on... but more on that later.

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