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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The RWD experience

I've said time and time again, that RWD cars are dangerous and fun at the same time. The only line between the two is how the driver drives. Interestingly enough, my brother, who drives a Honda Prelude, asked me, "What's the deal with RWD? Everyone says it's the most fun, but I don't understand how."

To be honest, I couldn't really answer that question completely. It's kind of like falling in love... people can ask you what it feels like, but you can't really explain it. You can only understand it if you've driven one. The way I explained why it was fun was that it's dangerous. Instead of FWD, pulling you forward, you get a sensation of being pushed with RWD. Of course, if you are talking about red light, intersection driving, then you probably can't tell the difference. However, under extreme speeds and turns, these aspects begin to emerge. I would say RWD is the most fun, then AWD, then FWD. I leave room for argument here, but just to be clear, I love and respect all cars.

Last night, as I was driving home in the rain, I had another one of these RWD close calls. At a green light, I picked up speed, and around second gear, my car just started to lose traction. The traction control kicked in, and it took at least a whole second before the car was stable enough to go. The feeling I got was that my car could fishtail for no reason at all... but it was exciting because I couldn't tame it. As the power transfered to the pavement, my body was knocked back, and I could hear the engine roar. It was a feeling that is nearly indescribable; the relation between man and machine.

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