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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sponsored items in the mail!

As you may recall, during the final months of 2011, I was proud to announce that Machine Zealots gained an important partner and sponsor, Apex Performance. Well, it's near spring time, and people are bringing out their cars, and preparing them for the sunny days. I just picked up Machine Zealots' first sponsored package, a set of brake pads and stainless steel brake lines. However, before I get into the actual parts, I would like to tell you guys a funny story while we were picking up these parts.

On the day of the pickup, Puyang and I got up quite early to beat the traffic to the border. It was a cold morning so, unplanned, him and I both wore our Machine Zealots hoodies and a pair of sweat pants. When we got to the border there was hardly a line up, so it was a quick and easy process. However, as I handed our passports to the border patrol officer, he said, "Wow, your car has two spoilers? Because one just wasn't enough right?"

I laughed nervously. Then he asked why we were dressed the same. I looked over to Puyang and realized, "Oh wow, we are dressed the same!"

I turned to the officer and said, "It's for our Youtube show."

At the time, I wasn't sure why I had said that, it was unnecessary information, but I suppose it was because I saw his side holster, packing a 9mm. I just blurted out the truth under the pressure. Much to my suprise, he leaned back against his booth, and began to casually ask about the show, "So you are just starting the show?", "What do you do in the show?"

I swore this went on for a full five minutes, then his curiosity was satisfied and let us through. We thanked the kind officer, and I began to laugh at the situation as I drove away.

Anyway, on to the packages!

Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads. Great for Autocrossing and Track Days.

Goodridge Phantom Stainless Steel Brakelines. Made for only a handful of high end cars.

In a few weeks time, you can expect to see these being installed onto the 2006 Subaru STI, our Project Impulse. In the meantime, definitely check out the list of parts Apex Performance carries, and see if they can help you with your modding needs today!

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