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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is it, this is the Golden Egg

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Spades 1.0.2. Click the above picture for the full size.

Now, I've been on the quest for gold for a couple of weeks now. It just looks good on a black or white car. Most importantly, I have yet to see a Camaro with gold wheels. I MAY BE the first, when I get them of course. These are TSW Nurburgrings, painted gold for the concept. I have contacted a vendor who also does powdercoats and paints the wheels he sells as a service. He said I could make them any color I want! =O

Honestly, these wheels are great looking, and probably one of the best bang for buck wheels out there. They are averaging around $350 per wheel out in the market, and they are FORGED! Another great aspect of these wheels: they are super lightweight. I believe the stock 20" Camaro wheels are around 30-33 lbs each, whereas these Nurburgrings are only 25 lbs each. Shedding a good 5 pounds per wheel is a lot, if you add it all up. I have decided the largest wheel size I'd go would be 19", so that should shed off another couple of pounds. =D Eitherway, if I made you guys excited, I'm sorry... these wheels won't be on this car for at least another year lol. Heck, I'm teasing MYSELF by making these awesome concept images =(.

In other news, my tune is here. Yes, the mods are piling up, but for now, that's it. All packages have been delivered to my door. I might tune my car this weekend though. So stay tuned for the full story and review!

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