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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rally Armor sends their love

Back in June of 2011, Machine Zealots had just moved on from Project Spades V6 to Project Impulse. Not long after, we were trying to establish our name in the market, again. It was tough shooting videos and gaining new audiences from scratch. You loyal readers and viewers, who accepted us after Project Spades V6 tanked, helped us get back on our feet.

One of the earlier videos at the time was the Rally Armor install. Upon doing this modification, I simultaneously e-mailed Rally Armor about us, what we do, and asked for a partnership. Well, after six months of no reply, they finally e-mailed us back apologizing for the delay. A week and a half later, their care package arrived for us: A t-shirt and a hat.

If you have been keeping track, this is the third set of clothing from an aftermarket company. The Camaro days brought me items from Hurst Shifters, and Stillen. The Subaru STI only has Rally Armor at the moment, but I'm trying to convince Cobb Tuning for a set too, lol. I'm not too worried though, opportunities are endless, there will be more to come. These clothing items come in handy for the show though, that's for sure!

Thank you Rally Armor!

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