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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fillers, fillers and more fillers

Guys, most of my mods for this year are already in my possession. The weather has not been stable enough for me to get my hands on it though. As of now, the Grand Sport Stripes are here, my fabric dye marker for dying my stitching is in delivery, a large shipment of new brake rotors, pads, and caliper paints are also being delivered to me via UPS.

If the list doesn't expand, I only have three more mods for the projected year: Tune from Trifecta, MPD1 Rear Spoiler, and Window tints, which I'll have to call around for quotes.

I plan to start modding around mid March, or April. I am psyched, but the amount of stuff I have to do, kind of overwhelms me. I also have to do another engine oil change, and my first transmission and differential fluid change. On top of that, I have to re-apply my blackout kit after a good car wash, and another waxing job.

Well, hopefully I can at least get all of this done for the year. My work and schedules have been much busier than last year, so I definately won't have as much time as I did last year lol.

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