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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back to Taiwan 2013

As mentioned before, Puyang and I took a two week trip to Taiwan during the show's hiatus. It was mostly a time spent with family and relatives. Of course, we also traveled all over the place to shop and try out the cuisine. If you have never been to Taiwan, you must go there the next time you want to travel to the orient.
In this video, although not indicated, we traveled around nearly five different cities. It may all look the same to you guys, but it was quite different in each city. The people, the food, and even the climate was different between the different cities!

The EVO Taxi, shown in the video at 2:30.

One of you guys actually commented on the video and asked if this yellow EVO was a Taxi. Indeed it was! When Puyang saw this, he alerted me and we marveled at it. It was too bad that we had an appointment to meet with someone that night, otherwise we had wanted to ride in that Taxi. Upon close observation, that Taxi was lowered and had an aggressive camber setup too. Wouldn't you want to ride in that Taxi?

Anyway, we had a great time there, but we wished we had more time to film the modding scene in Taiwan. It's actually quite interesting.

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