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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Old Pedal, Dead Pedal

When I first bought this 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, I was definitely happy with it. I mean, it's an STI! More importantly, it's my STI. When I talk about the STI, I hardly ever bring up the negatives, it's always the positives that stick out. However, when I first took the seat of the car, I had noticed right away that the dead pedal was this cheap plastic looking slab. I couldn't let that go.

Enter the Autospeed Dead Pedal.

It's quite expensive for something so small, around $40, but it was worth it to me. If you are thinking of upgrading your dead pedal, I would stay away from eBay ones. The eBay ones I've seen do not have raised rubber grips, but instead have painted black holes. To each their own, but that still isn't good enough for me.

I think you guys have seen enough of my videos, read enough of my blog posts to know that I'm meticulous in many aspects. So can you blame me for wanting this dead pedal? I mean take a good look at the STI's after the Hawkeyes, from 2008+, they have a HUGE dead pedal that matches the rest of the pedals. It would turn out, even Subaru felt that it was necessary to upgrade it!

So what to you guys think? Am I a bit crazy for spending money on this upgrade? Or would you yourself do the same?

Since the installation, I have driven the car for several months, and the dead pedal shows no signs of deterioration so far. I would definitely recommend this product, and I give this product a solid 9/10.

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