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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crayons and Filters

Summer has officially arrived! The sun is shining, the weather is perfect, and the people are walking around in t-shirts and shorts! Granted, this depends on where you live around the world. If I'm correct, my friends in countries like Australia are now experiencing winter, and of course my friends who live around the equator have summer all year long!

Well, summer always gets me motivated to do things. As I am still currently communicating with Apex Performance, I had some time to get some things in order. I played with Photoshop and I painted the letters on my Bridgestone Potenzas. Honestly, I sort of like the look of them. Puyang said it might look beast if the STI was lowered, and a lot more modded. What do you think? I did some research on this, and tire paint pens go for $10 on eBay.

I love the idea of a cheap mod, but I suppose this can all wait until the STI is a lot closer to a show car. (If I can even get there.)

In other news, my circular polarizer lens filter just came in the mail. It's a great little addition to any camera lens setup. Not only does it make your pictures look richer, it also doubles as a lens protector!

This lens filter is made in China, but most of these sorts of things are from China anyway. This is a screw on filter made for a 77 mm lens. Guess how much it costed me? Most likely you won't believe me even if I told you, but it only costed me $8. That's right, EIGHT DOLLARS! I bought it on eBay. If you buy anything like this at a camera store, it goes from $20-50. Yes, I looked. This particular lens filter came from Hong Kong, so it took around two weeks to arrive, but it was worth it. Free shipping too.

Can't wait to shoot more photos and videos with this news lens filter! Take a look at some pictures I took as a test on the effectiveness of this lens filter.

The top photo is without the Circular Polarizer Lens filter. Look at the depth of the blue sky with the CPL. The colors on the leaves are also a lot more vibrant and rich. Also notice the reflection on the STI windshield.

(Excuse the blurriness of this photo. The focus was on the windshield reflection.) Top is without the CPL and bottom is shot with the CPL. Lens settings are the same in both photos. Completely removes unneeded reflections that may obscure your subject.

Needless to say, I love this lens filter. If you don't already have one, make sure you hunt on eBay for a CPL. It's worth the investment. We'll be attending an import car show this weekend, so I'll be using this lens filter at that event!

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