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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Importfest 2013

Importfest 2013 Vancouver was a pretty small venue, but it was packed with a lot of people. Some of the cars shown were some of the cleanest modified cars I have yet to see. The most amazing part of the show, to us personally, were the turbo-charged Scion FR-S's; those cars really made me want to own a Scion FR-S or a Subaru BRZ.

The import models were very beautiful and friendly. It is quite obvious that the import models stole the whole show. Guys would be crowded around them, taking photos and videos; lining up for a chance to get a picture taken with one of them gorgeous girls.

Puyang and I stayed for only an hour or two, but since we got the tickets for free it wasn't a big deal.
After editing the video, I showed the video to the import models, and they were very nice and shared the video on their Facebook and other fan pages. Here are some of the nice things they said:

They helped me advertise, so in return, I'll help them advertise. If you guys want to follow these import models, please find them on Facebook; they seem to be the most active there.

This video was shot, for the first time, exclusively on the Canon EOS 5D Mk. III. Every video before this one has been mainly shot with GoPro Cameras. Don't get me wrong, GoPro Cameras are great for what they are, but you can't beat a camera with a lens. Hope you guys enjoy the video, and hope you guys stick around for more Machine Zealots. ;)

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