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Friday, June 21, 2013

The next big steps

If you follow Machine Zealots on Facebook, then you may have seen the news that the deal between Apex Performance has officially been closed for the season! That is exciting stuff! Both we, and Apex Performance, apologizes for the delay; both parties have been extremely busy.

We're expecting our car modding goodies to be in our P.O. Box in a week or two, and we'll reveal those goodies to you guys later. In the meantime, we have finished editing our autocross event episode! It will be the very last STI autocross at its current state. From here on out the STI will be, hopefully, a different beast altogether. The next autocross event of this year will be lead by Puyang and his 2012 VW Golf GTI; it will also be his first autocross. Puyang came along with me this time to feel what it's like for a car to go under extreme g-force. Hopefully this will give him an idea of what it will be like when he is driving.

Here are some image clips from the upcoming autocross episode:

Puyang sits in for the first couple of rounds.

Comparing sector times.

The Importfest episode will be coming next week; full of nice modified cars, import models, and fun! Stay tuned!

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