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Friday, October 4, 2013

Injen intake for the GTI

Puyang has owned his 2012 Golf GTI for a little over a year now, and we are really enjoying this car. The weather has gotten very cold recently, and we've been thankful for the heated seats that came with the car. The car is fun to drive, and it is very fuel efficient compared to the STI. What about modding fun? Well, we have that planned too!

We got the GTI an Injen intake, proudly sponsored by our friends at Apex Performance, hoping this intake will really awaken the beast within. Although there isn't much power to be gained from a straight bolt on, we are hoping for a sportier driving experience after the install. There are two options from Injen for this intake, bare metal chrome, or this black color. We chose the black color, because Puyang wanted a slightly stealthier looking engine bay. However, this intake is actually extremely well painted; they used black paint that has some glitter in it; sort of like the paint that comes on some cars.

Below are some pictures of this intake:

Puyang recently bought that Batman Domo plush, and he insisted on placing it in the photos for fun.

There is apparently something we have to customize for this intake so that the car will run properly. We will get into this install when we open up some time. Hope you guys stick around for more fun and news as we round up the final episodes of Machine Zealots Season 3.

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