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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beatrush Forged Aluminum Pitch Stop Mount

This is the first installment of our "Next Stage" selection of modification installs. If you haven't seen the big reveal video, sponsored by Apex Performance, check out that video first to see what you can expect in future episodes!

This is the Beatrush Forged Aluminum Pitching Stopper Mount. Quite a mouthful; believe me, I've had my tongue tied more than once when I was recording the voice over for this episode. If you do your research online, this particular pitch stop mount is more expensive than any other pitch stop mount. Why the expensive price tag? Well, to be honest, they claim it's a much lighter product than its competitors, but we clearly debunked that in the video. To be honest, if you are looking at a pitch stop mount option, I would spend my money on a cheaper Kartboy one, or something similar. This Beatrush one is JDM, and is very nice looking; then again, this part is under your top mount intercooler, so aesthetics have no real play in this matter.

Any STI owner should buy a pitch stop mount as one of their first mods. It is extremely easy to install, and takes no more than a couple of minutes to install the actual mount. However, removing and installing the intercooler will leech the majority of your time for this install; we have a completely different episode for that process.

There was an immediate difference when I drove the car with the new pitch stop mount installed. The in cabin noise was slightly louder, but not to an annoying extreme. Most people will probably not even notice the increase in cabin noise depending on their current car modifications. There is slightly more vibration in the car, and in the gas pedal itself, but this was a good thing to me. Feedback! I love driver feedback. The pedal and throttle response seemed to have improved ever so slightly. There is noticeably less pitching when on and off the throttle as well. All in all, it made the driving experience much less 'sluggish'.

I'm sure some new engine mounts, transmission mounts, shifter bushings, and steering rack bushings will really change the feedback of the car. I'm really looking forward to the further changes on the car in the near future!

As always, we thank Apex Performance for their partnership on our show. They are real gentlemen, so please check them out for your modifying needs! They carry over 150 of the most popular aftermarket brands, and will match or beat the competition in price! Please check out their Facebook Page, or e-mail them.

Stay tuned to Machine Zealots for more information, updates, videos, and fun ;) See you guys next time!

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