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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hurst Paddle Shifter Teaser

Okay guys, one of my most visited blog posts was my Post Sema Show post. If you haven't read it, feel free to read it, and you will understand how much I appreciate this product.

First off, pictures, fresh right out of the deliveryman's hands.

Great feeling material. Hard, it will not bend easy.

Sorry for the unprofessional shots here. Not really glorifying, especially when you can see my Pajama Pants... O_o

I am honored to recieve such a package, sponsored by Hurst Shifters and B&M Racing. Kenji, Vice President of Engineering and Quality Control, has been working his butt off to get these to the prototype stages. It was not an easy feat, R&D took eight months I believe, and Kenji was kind enough to keep me updated all the way. Now, as I am writing these product reviews for YOU guys, and not to satisfy sponsors, I will give you my initial thoughts and impressions.

First, the product quality is great. Nothing feels cheap, and everything seems to be feel tactile and solid. I could not wait to put these on, so I did that right away. However, since this is a prototype, it did not come with complete instructions, and I failed to see how it mounted. From what I understand, this is product could have room to be improved or modified.

Second, pricing? I have no idea... so technically, there is no second. This is just a teaser for you guys, to get you guys excited, or not excited, whatever lol. I'm excited. =D

I am in contact with Kenji at the moment, soon I will have a full review, whether video, or plain old written style, you guys will get the full scoop before you decide to buy it or not.

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