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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trifecta Tune for V6

Okay guys, so here is the full scoop on the Trifecta Tune for the 5th Gen V6 Camaro. Trifecta is currently the only tuning solution you can get on your V6. Purchasing is very easy, fill out a form, and pay. Vince from Trifecta is the tuner, and he pretty much custom tunes your car to your needs. For the automatic transmission cars, we get more goodies than the cars running manual. Vince can remove GM's torque management system from your vehicle to your liking. I currently have 10% removed on Drive, and 30% removed on Sport mode. Vince doesn't really recommend the user removing anymore, unless you want to shorten the life of your transmission, but he is still willing to remove more, only if you tell him to. Obviously he holds no responsibility for your actions, so don't go blaming him if something breaks!

There is pretty much a $400 charge for his tune and services, and you can choose to buy and own the tuning cable for an additional $200. This is referred to as the "Full Kit". I bought the full kit lol.

The image above is pretty much what you are paying for $200. Ridiculous as it sounds, that is actually worth it, in the long run. Especially if you are tuning your car non-stop, or plan on going forced induction in the future. Right, forgot to mention, Vince is currently the only one tuning the V6 Forced Induction cars. Another reason why I went with Vince ;)

Okay, so if you want my full review, as always, I am brutally honest, so here goes:
For what you are paying for, a total of $600, you had better have a whole lot to tune. The price isn't cheap at all. However, if you look at the cold hard facts, doing a dyno tune isn't always cheap either. Yes it could be cheaper than $600, but paying Vince, means a life-time support from Vince himself. Now, I haven't actually made sure if he charges extra later on for when you go Forced Induction, but as of now, he'll tune your car until you are satisfied. Keep in mind, this is remote tuning, and also the only option currently open to the V6 Camaros right now. To get your car running to its maximum potential, Vince's tuning software also allows the driver to datalog various input and output data from the car. You can then later e-mail him the files and he can fine tweak the tune, and e-mail it back to you. Basically, it's all really simple. You pay for the tune, he gives you instructions on how and where to download the tuning software. He then e-mails you the tune file, and you plug the laptop into your OBDII port via the Cable you purchased, or rented, and upload the tune! From here on, Vince can control a number of variables on your car, and make your car run to its full potential. Again, as I have said earlier, the automatic transmissions have more play time. Vince can also tune the car so it can have firmer shifts. This makes tap shifting a LOT of fun =D Basically having the firmer shifts makes it feel more like how a manual shifts the car. There is a split second right before the gears are changing, it will feel like the car is in Neutral, and then changes gears. At a more open throttle, these feelings are intensified... just saying, I've been losing some gas mileage these days lol. Summary of the product, it's good, just might be expensive for people who aren't really hardcore. Again, a tune is NOT necessary for your car, especially if you don't have any bolt-on mods. However, if you have bolt-ons and an Automatic, I really think a tune is well worth it.

Service wise, Trifecta is doing an excellent job. Trifecta isn't just tuning Camaros, there is a list of cars, and who knows how many customers Vince actually has. With all this in mind, Vince still finds time to e-mail you back ASAP. If you have any questions, he answers it right away. I believe he's been doing this for 10 years plus, and he has an excellent professional attitude. Many people say the same thing, no doubts here whatsoever. With the 5 star customer service, the amount you pay for the tune is fully justified.

This was a long post. The very last thing I want to show you guys, is just a small video I put together. Giving you an idea what tuning with Trifecta is like. Enjoy!

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