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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thanks for supporting Spades V6

I know this isn't a Camaro post... but I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys who have been following and leaving awesome comments and messages for me to read. I would still be doing all the things I've been doing, but I probably wouldn't have spent the extra time to perfect each aspect of this long term project car if it wasn't for you guys.

The blog has hit 10,000 views since yesterday! That number amazes me, especially as this started out as just a personal blog, and even more specifically just about ONE make, ONE model, and ONE trim sub model V6! A couple of months ago, searching "Spades V6" on Google would get you no where. Now, Spades V6 has been established as a brand.

I'm about to up the ante on Spades V6. I'll be investing in better equipment, and begin to do more video documentations, DIYs, tests, reviews, and all the stuff I've been doing in writing. This being said, it's really just a test, seeing how the audience responds. Very much like this blog, if there is a need, I will fill the void.

I am very excited to see the transformation of my car, as well as the transformation of this blog and social network.

So again, big thanks you guys for sticking with Spades V6! ;)

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