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Monday, June 20, 2011

Just some minor Details

As always, when you pick up a used car, you must first make sure all the maintanence and safety inspections have been done. Secondly, always clean the car well. No one, not even dealerships, will ever be able to get all of the filth and grime out of the car built up by the previous owner.

Thankfully, the STI that I have bought only has 15,000 miles on it, which means only 15,000 miles worth of sweat, food, and other odors that may have accumulated over this time. However, the previous owner did not know how to properly wash a black car, and it was delivered to me with millions of swirl marks and "cobwebs" all over the clear coat.

You think this is bad? It looks even worse in the sun!

It was inevitable, I had to do something about this! I proceeded to use the same line of car care products from the Camaro.

Weekend of detailing.

If you read my previous detailing post, you would know that detailing takes time, and has many steps. First you have to wash the car from top to bottom. The cleaner, the better. Secondly, your car SHOULD be under cover, but not completely necessary. Next, you start the clay bar process. This will prevent any micro particles from being polished along the surface of the car while you run the polisher.

Clean claybar.


Next run the polisher, and cut the clear coat to the amount that you want. This made the black paint look really rich and deep. Finally, you wax and seal your clear coat, and your car should look really sharp!

I also took this opportunity to debadge the rear of my STI. When you debadge a car, especially a used car, you will be left with some badge ghosting. The reason this happens is because the area under a badge is in perfect paint condition, while the rest of the surface is exposed to the harmful effects of nature, weather and car washes. After you remove your badge, you can see the contrast between the good and bad surface.

Since I was polishing out the blemishes, it was a perfect time to debadge!

Before: Badges are on, and the surface is very scratched up.

After: Debadged, polished and waxed.

Close-up shot of where the "Impreza" badge should be. Like a mirror!

Close-up shot of where the "Subaru" badge should be.

So much cleaner in the back without badges, much easier to wax and polish.

I have a couple of DIY videos coming up for you guys to watch in the next couple of weeks. The debadging will actually be an episode, and I have a few more tips that could save you money. You won't even need to buy any "Goo-gone" or any adhesive remover. More on that later.

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