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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Project Spades V6 is over

That's it guys! Spades V6 is officially over. Obviously, if you've been following the blog, you've noticed that the blog is called Machine Zealots now. I found the name to be more appropriate, as I wanted the passion of cars in general to be the main goal.

In the end, it was hard to watch the Camaro go. I basically had to not look at it while I was leaving. Kind of a tragic moment there. However, I know the next person to own it, will be lucky to have it, the Camaro will treat him/her well.

So here's to the next chapter you guys. The ones sticking along, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Initial review on my new project car coming soon.


  1. :( I know it had to hurt man. Maybe it's just how I am with cars, but I had a 1992 Toyota Camry that I recently sold that was really hard to let go. Had it for 4 years, it wasn't tricked out, modded, or anything. It was just mine, and that's all that mattered. I fear I've grown too attached to my Camaro (Jade) to let her go, but if the day ever comes, I'll "turn away" too. But, now you've got a new baby to mod out! So chin up fellow MZ and lets get to the fun!

  2. can we have a hint at what the next car is

  3. It will be up in a couple of minutes =D


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