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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Machine Zealots Intro

I've been extremely busy lately, mostly doing research on the car and regular life stuff. However, I have finally found a good weekend to shoot and edit the intro video for Machine Zealots.

I already have two DIY episodes filmed, I just needed the intro video to complete the process. All I have to do now is edit them, so stay tuned for the next couple of weeks as I start the new project. =D

As always, this blog is meant to document my process, but I am always going to be sharing any useful information with you readers. Hopefully it will help you guys along. I know there is already a substantial amount of information, DIYs, and projects just pouring out the teats of the internet, especially on the STI. In fact, most of my DIYs are based on other people's hard work. I just appropriate them and video edit them with my own flare and personality. I thank those hard working people who have gone ahead and posted useful information online, I am just going to be returning the favor in my own sort of packaging.

More to come in the next couple of weeks. Cheers!

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