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Friday, August 5, 2011

Installing the Rally Armors

Presenting the Rally Armor Urethane Mud Flaps. These are a must have for a rally car like the STI. Rally Armor also makes skid plates, mostly things for cars that play around in off-road conditions. These look really good on our cars because it also makes the car look slightly wider, which adds an aggressive stance to the car. Rally Armors make these mud flaps for Subarus, Mitsubishis, and Mazdas.

There's not much to say on the install, everything important is in the video. It was quite a simple installation, and it took me around two hours in total. The product is well priced, looks good, and the quality is great as well.

If you own a Subaru, I would recommend that you get a set of these. I can't wait to test them out in the snow!

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