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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[COTM] June

This was purely a social experiment. I had noticed that every Camaro owner just loved their cars to death. Taking lots of pornographic pictures, and sharing them online. I had wanted to make this experience more meaningful. To have something for everyone to really take part in and have fun with. The idea was for you guys to submit your absolute best photos, and my judging committee and I were to choose the best photo for each month's calendar. Now, please realize, when I say best photo, I do not mean BEST CAR. Otherwise, whoever had more money to spend, would obviously be the winner, and that wouldn't be fair, and that is not how I do things.

Before I go on any further, let's congratulate Aaranzabal on the C5 forums for being chosen for the June edition Calendar! Yay, clap clap clap.

There was a total of 131 photos that were sent to me. At least 90 different cars. All of them were beautiful in their own right. The hardest thing was to come up with a way to go through all of the photos and have a non-biased review on which car would be the winner. Therefore, I selected 2 people to be on my judging committee. One of them was my close friend, and follow graphic designer. The other was my younger brother, who drives a Honda Prelude. At different times, and on individual computers, we selected 5 of our most favorite pictures. Then we cross reference the 15 total images. The idea was, if there were any overlaps, that would narrow down the images a great deal. The remainder of the overlapped photos would then be chosen solely by me.

So there you go guys! If there are any new submissions, please join the facebook page and post them there. Otherwise, I still have 130 photos to choose from for the next couple of months!

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