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Sunday, August 21, 2011

STI saved my bacon

This afternoon I was driving to work, I had my brother in the passenger seat, and we get up to this intersection and the light turned yellow. I wasn't speeding to beat the yellow, it had turned at a point where I couldn't stop in time. This Acura MDX drives up to the intersection on the opposite side, wanting to make a left turn. He saw the yellow, and he tried to beat the red to make the left.

The accident would have been a head on collision as he emergency braked when he saw me coming, but at that time he was in my path and I knew I couldn't stop in time. I had already hit the brakes, but it was too late, so I hit the throttle and swerved the car to the left. I heard all 4 wheels squealing, but it pulled through. However, I was left on the wrong side of the road so I ended up weaving some on coming traffic before I could go back onto the right lane.

Black box is my car. Blue box is the SUV. Red boxes are witnesses and other drivers.

In those moments, time really does slow down... but I'm glad that I had sticky tires and an AWD system that saved me. I've never taken this car autocrossing or tracking yet, so I actually don't know what it can do in the corners. Even though I had avoided the accident, the car does understeer quite a bit, anymore understeer and I would have slid into that MDX. I think it's time for a suspension upgrade, lol.
The drawing may look like there were other ways to avoid the accident, but at the time, I made the best choice I thought possible. I was going at a constant 40 MPH, though it may not seem too fast, the MDX decided to turn in a split second, which left me with only a split second to react. At those speeds, I could have really hurt my brother and I, and both of our cars would have been pretty messed up. Needless to say, I shouldn't have assumed anything, nor should the MDX driver. Everyone needs to be reminded that sometimes car accidents happen because other people are careless drivers too, so always be aware of your surroundings, and hope that your instinct and reflexes are sharp enough at the moment you need it.

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