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Monday, March 19, 2012

RevScene Spring Meet 2012 Teaser

Yesterday, Puyang and I got up bright and early to attend the annual RevScene Spring meet. I had all of my GoPro Cameras charged and ready to go. The weather was cloudy, which was good for me, because I prefer shooting video in diffused light. However, it was freezing cold as this meet was held at the beach. More than 150 cars were at this meet, as most people pulled in from their own individual car owners clubs. People came with their family members, loved ones, and friends. And eventhough the weather was grey and gloomy, the atmosphere was not.

It was clear to me that each and every one of these owners loved their cars very much. You can clearly see the time, money, and effort put into their rides. Myself being an STI owner, I was obviously more focused on the STIs. Seeing what others were doing, and finding out what I liked and didn't like about a particular mod.
Puyang was interested in a wide variety of cars. While I was filming, he was taking photos. You can view the entire album on the Machine Zealots' Facebook page.

In the meantime, I am converting over 100 video clips into a different format, so I can get on with the editing. Hopefully it will be done by the end of this week, so I can move on to other things as well. I'll post the video later, but for now, enjoy the pictures!

One final thought, after going to this meet, I came to realize that my car is very stock compared to some of the project cars there. Eventhough I know I'll eventually get there, one can't help but feel tempted to step up the timeline. LOL. ;)

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