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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Door Step Suprise

My Injen Cold Air Intake came in mail today! Rated with an additional increase of 16 horsepower and 16.5 ft-lbs of torque. After much research, I have came to the conclusion that the Injen CAI for the V6 2010 Camaro may be the best choice for performance. Here are the product pictures!
Since I am fairly busy today, I won't be able to talk much about the product itself. I bought the intake at Auto Anything. They have a promotion right now, if you buy any Injen intake, you get a free Hydroshield. The Hydroshield wraps around your filter so that fine dust and water particles don't get sucked into your engine. My brother also bought an Injen for his 1999 Honda Prelude, he also got a free Hydroshield from Auto Anything, which is why I came to the conclusion that all Injen intakes will come with a free Hydroshield. Take the opportunity to buy an Injen if you want one, I don't know how long the promotion will last.

I'll probably get to install the intake sometime next week. I plan to run a few more performance tests with my stock Camaro. However, after the installation, I will be sure to post plenty of pictures and videos! So stay tuned!

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