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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mustangs? Great! Camaros? even Better!

I do hope the title of this post doesn't offend anyone =p. Don't get me wrong at all, I love mustangs; infact I love all cars! As some of you know, some people purchase sequential light kits for their Mustangs. I also believe the 2010 Mustang GTs have stock sequential lights from Ford. However, don't quote me on the stock sequentials, I'm not sure.
Eitherway, we should ask ourselves, "Why should the mustangs be the only ones to have sequentials? Why not the Camaros?" If you haven't yet realized, it seems that the new Camaros and Mustangs are one of the only cars on the road who don't have yellow indicator lights. Take a closer look at other cars on the roads, their hazard lights, and signal lights are yellow! We don't have such colors on our tail lights. The Mustangs tail lights are pretty much asking for sequentials, since they are split into three red lights. Perfect. But what about Camaros? Well, we have two lights. If you have any knowledge on basic principles of animation, it is that an animation can take place with a minimum of two frames or two images. Thus, making the two light tail light on the Camaro a worthy car to add sequentials to. Below is a video I filmed yesterday evening, showing you what your Camaro would look like if you added some sequentials.

So now, you may be asking, "Cool, where do I get these sequential lights? How much do they cost?"

Well, maybe you aren't exactly asking that, but I did when I first saw it lol. Now, it's time for a product introduction and REVIEW! I asked my friend where I could get these sequentials. He was kind enough to send me the link. I am very glad he shared this information with me, so I proudly share this with the Camaro community!

Upon clicking you'll see that Web Electric has sequential programming for not just the Camaros, but for Mustangs, Challengers, and other cars. My product review will just be for the Camaro though, since I have only installed the Camaro sequentials first hand. The sequentials for the Camaro only costs $89.99 USD. It is cheap for additional personalization on your Camaro. Some people may spit on the fact that it's 90 bucks, but to me, it's my Camaro, it's worth it. I personally would vouch for this product, simply because $90 to me is a small price to pay to add some icing to the already sweet sweet cake. The install is super easy. if I can do it, you can do it. Web Electric also did a good job on making the install dummy proof. However, I am a bigger dummy than the regular Joe, so the instructions included with the product wasn't enough for me.

Incase you need clarification on the install, or rather, want proof on how EASY the install is, I have taken the liberty of making a step by step tutorial with pictures. (Thanks Wes for taking the pictures)

Package arrives! Two plug and play harnesses! Hooray for no wire splicing!
Open up the trunk, and look above the tail light housing. There are 3 rivets holdling the plate in place.
 Use a trim removal tool, and remove the top... uh... seal thingy. In this case, I didn't have a trim removal tool, so I used a letter opener and a knife. Just make sure you pry up the rivets evenly, so it doesn't break.
Once the top seal is removed, you can remove the bottom. Also start off with a trim removal tool. (or knife and letter opener) Pop that baby off. Do this for all three rivets.
When all three are removed, the plate should come off no problem!
Remove the plate, set it aside. I just put all my stuff in the trunk, easier access.
We are looking at the Left tail light, so stick your head in, and look far left. You will see a harness, the one I circled, and twist the whole harness counter-clock-wise and gently remove the harness, the light bulb is connected to it.
So pull the whole harness out so you have more room to work. The wires are limited in length, so don't yank it out, you don't want to loosen anything. As you can see the light bulb is attached.
Remove the light bulb! Just pull straight right out of the socket. Do not twist it. Also when handling ANY light bulbs, please wear rubber or vinyl gloves. Oils, grease, and dirt can reduce the life of a light bulb.
Pick up a sequential adapter, and connect the chip in the red housing, to the light bulb harness.
Make sure the Arrow on the red housing is on the same side as the BLACK wire on the harness. This will match the ground wires on both the stock harness, and the sequential harness. Also, once you get the chip in the harness, make sure the red rubber housing fully wraps around the harness. This will prevent water from getting in.
I missed one picture. But basically, pop the light bulb into the gray harness on the sequentials. Now, insert the light bulb with the new gray harness back into the light socket. Turning it clock-wise, making sure it's locked. Tuck the red covered stock harness under. Start the car, and test to see if the harness works by turning on your left turn signal. Once you've confirmed that it works, put the plate back on, and insert the three rivets back in. Now start on the other light. Voila! You have sequentials!

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