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Sunday, July 18, 2010


As you know the Camaro really is a looker. With its wide set body frame structure, giving it a real ground hugging, aggressive looking, slick ride. I have gotten comments on the black Camaro, saying it looks a lot like the Bat Mobile. Well look at it... some people have a point. Look at the long nose, wide set rear, lol. Can't you imagine two Bat wings coming out the back?

Well, if you are an owner of a black Camaro, heck, doesn't even have to be black.. The next time you drive down a long tunnel during the evening, play this song:

It's the Batman theme from the Chris Nolan Batman movies. Thank you good old Hans Zimmer! I was driving down a long highway during the evening, minimal traffic, the ride was smooth and swift. I was going at around 80 MPH, and this song just happens to play when I enter a long tunnel. MAN, my mind just exploded with a crazy mental high. I literally felt like Batman... lol. Try it! It's not a bad piece to listen to, in contrast to listening to Classic Rock and Roll all the time!

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