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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Right tools for the right job

If you are doing your own work on your car, you'll need some proper tool kits. I have personally never owned my own set of tools, but the Camaro sparked the need for some.

Enter, the torque wrench! The main reason why I bought this wrench was for the torque settings on this: 15-80 ft-lb. Most hardware shops I've visited only sell wrenches of higher torque ranges. Ranges around 20-200 ft-lb. Those torque wrenches would be excellent for swapping wheels, but not for the reason why I needed at the time.

I was about to do my first, EVER, oil change. Not just the first for the Camaro, but the first for any car. I had to make sure I did it right, so I bought all the tools I needed to do so. Now I won't be going into details about the oil change itself, because I'm up for another oil change in a week or two. Which at that time, I'll be taking pictures, or videos, haven't decided yet, on how to do you own V6 oil change =D

But back to the torque wrench. I think it was neccessary for me to review this product. If you need a torque wrench with low range torque settings; I highly recommend this one! It actually comes in a protective plastic orange case, even though the picture doesn't show it. It is a 3/8" drive, so make sure you have a step-up if you are using 1/2" drive sockets. More on the wrench when I do the oil change.

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