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Monday, July 19, 2010

Flaws in Perfection

I was itching for a drive in the morning, so I woke up at 6 AM, got into my car, and started it up. I drove a bit, some main roads were VERY empty, and I thought.., "hey, I think it's about time I see what my car is capable of."

I switch the drive mode to Tapshift Manual, and I just gun it. For those who don't know the Camaro, it is a very heavy car, so getting the car off the line is a slower acceleration process. But when the car hits 4-5k RPM, the car just nails you into the seat. However, this drive made me notice a few flaws to this beautiful machine. First off, the mufflers are SO big, they can hold water. Which I found out later, my mufflers were holding water. The stock mufflers are visible, and also they are very big and very heavy, 24 lbs each. Now look at the exhaust tips. They are very small. The exhausts are on the top of my modification list, which I'll post update pictures when I have them installed.

Another flaw in the 5th gen Camaro is how low the passenger seat is. Many guests have complained that they couldn't see anything in front. Which I suppose brings out their inner claustrophobia. Since I'm talking about all the flaws of the Camaro, I may as well get them all out at once. The very last complaint I have is the Tapshift "Paddles" for this car. They are NOT paddles... they are merely buttons on the back of your steering wheel. Doesn't really give you a race car driver experience you know?

However, since I am a proud owner of a 2010 Camaro, I can't really help myself if I'm biased towards the perfections of the car. Right? While there are, maybe, 10 things wrong about the Camaro, GM has really out done themselves for the amount of right they bring to it. Little details are what really make a work of art into a masterpiece. One example of that, I learned from a friend last week, the Camaro has longer side view mirrors on the passenger side. Why? Because they know the Camaro is a huge car with many blindspots. So they increased the visibility ever so slightly. If my friend had never told me the passenger mirror was longer, I would not have ever found out. It's subtle, yet it helps. That really proves that GM has put some thought on this car. Way to go GM, I don't think you'll be declaring bankruptcy anytime soon if you keep this up ;)

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