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Thursday, February 17, 2011

DIY: Dye Stitch your interior

This mod is probably one of the cheapest mods out there, it is also one of the easiest DIY I can think of... I mean, it's easier than washing your car lol. Anyway, let's get right down to the good stuff first.

Okay, I know that video was a bit long, but I felt like I haven't posted a video in so long, so I wanted to make it a really fun editing project as well. Now if you ask my honest opinion, I don't think the red stitching is BETTER than the white, but it's a different flavor. For those of you who are bored, and want a cheap way to change the mood/look, you can consider this mod. However, keep in mind that this is permanent, so if you are going to do it, do it right, and do it well. Let's go through some details of the process now.
I bought the FabricMate Fabric Dye Marker. This costs around $2.99 per marker if you can find it locally. The reason I went with red is because red has always been a dominant color for sports cars. As cliché as red is, it is also a timeless sporty color. Plus, you know, I've been adding red to everything!

Pictures of the stock shifter and steering wheel. Boy, I might miss them later on. If you are at this point, this is your very last chance of turning back. I mean, the white doesn't look bad. However, white stitching has a HUGE flaw: over time, your hands will begin to turn the white stitching yellow! So before you do this, properly clean your steering wheel and shift knob with a damp cloth mixed with soap and water. After this step, it is advised that you also apply leather cleaner and protectant. This makes it easier to remove the dye off the leather.

You may see some other people dye stitch their leather seats, arm rests, and other various things, but let me tell you now, those are easy compared to the steering wheel and shift knob. For the shift knob, I had to start the car, and put it into S mode, in order to dye the stitching closest to engine. I could have taken off the shift knob, but I was lazy. The steering wheel is a pain as well if you don't take off the steering wheel. You have to really find weird angles to attack at it. I strongly advise you turn your steering wheel to fit your angles and needs. Needless to say, I had a sore back after I did this mod, but I think it was worth it.

Other than that, I think the results really speak for themselves. Also, make sure your fabric dye marker is permanent. Mine says permanent after 24 hours. If your car is a daily driver, make sure you do this on the weekends. I don't want you guys to mess up your work while driving with wet dye =/

Overall, it was a fun mod to do. As mentioned in a video, it took me about an hour to do all of it. I had to actually split it into two days of work, because I was called away halfway through this project. I had the car stereo on, playing some music while I was working. It really felt like a day of kindergarten, coloring, music, and fun.

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  1. Looks great. I'll be looking for some Orange for my whip. Thanks for the info!


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