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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter sucks, Camaro awesome

I haven't washed my car since my blog post about Adam's Polishes products. Needless to say, my car is filthy. Anyway, the weather here is completely crap. It's been cold, icey, and snowy, therefore the salt trucks have been super active, and my Camaro is a daily driver. Sigh.

Well, I had some free time this weekend, and I just decided to give the car a good wash. No detailing, or tire dressing, but I just had to get all that crap off of the car. Wanted to show you guys just HOW dirty my car was.

I wash my car with two different wash pads, one for the top half and the other for the bottom half. I use two buckets, with grit guards, and I change the water and soap for the top and bottom half of the car as well. The pictures above are just from the bottom half of the car. LOOK AT HOW FILTHY THAT IS! All of that dirt and grime washed off my Camaro.

Good to see the car is back to black.

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